Pick the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor

Pick the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor

Commercial HVAC contractors know it is considered good business to have answers to the questions consumers are asking, even about the innovative systems coming on the market now. Home and business owners who research new technologies in heating and cooling HVAC systems have the right questions that they need to ask their HVAC professionals before starting a project.

At this point in technology, it’s hard to imagine surpassing the quiet of ambient radiant heating and cooling systems, compared with furnaces and boilers hissing and air pumping systems forcing air through vents and ductwork, kicking on and off. The silence of hot or cold water regulating temperature through durable polyurethane piping, underneath beautiful slate, tile, marble, and wood flooring is a concept not fully appreciated until experienced first-hand.

Commercial air conditioning in CT, like WJ Dornfield, service new office buildings that feature energy-efficient heating and cooling systems using the entire floor to provide and monitor room temperature, instead of small vents blowing air – trying to maintain a comfortable ambiance for an entire room. These office spaces have a sensational aura of tranquility and quiet. Professional commercial HVAC contractors have knowledge beyond the aesthetics of hydronic, electric and radiant floor systems. They can tell you which is more energy-efficient for your size of building, and heating and cooling needs. Thermostats are regulated by smart phones, PC’s or third party automation systems.

What Your HVAC Contractor Should Know:

Specific to energy use in this state, expert commercial HVAC contractors in Connecticut, like the technical teams at WJ Dornfield, have researched, studied and completed installations of all three innovative HVAC radiant systems, in businesses and privately owned homes. They are uniquely qualified to advise clients on the benefits of these systems. There are also two methods of installing radiant systems, called wet and dry installations, which can accommodate very small to very large flooring applications.

  • These commercial HVAC contractors are specialists in radiant floor heating and cooling systems.
  • They know every aspect of proper installation, from the best types of flooring to install with a new HVAC system, to specific techniques needed to properly care for flooring during installation practices.
  • Their expertise is also obvious when specialized technicians are advising their clients about the costs of replacing old worn-away duct systems and resealing conventional heating systems to make old buildings energy-efficient.
  • They have analyzed costs comparing the installation and labor of sub-floor durable polyurethane pipes in a dry suspended system, aluminized floor panel tracks, or embedded into a concrete “wet” sub-flooring model.

Building owners need the full story on materials, installation and operating costs, energy efficiency and compliancy standards, as well as continued cost-effective savings on monthly energy bills. Your commercial HVAC contractors have every detail and will provide estimates for every project, large or small.

Experienced and Reliable:

WJ Dornfield is a reliable residential and commercial HVAC contractor that is motivated by one primary goal: unsurpassed quality of service. Their dedicated employees strive to provide exceptional customer services, impeccable installation and repair of evaporative systems, boilers or any system needed, using top-quality materials, and never cutting corners. That’s the advantage of using highly trained, highly skilled, licensed and certified commercial HVAC Connecticut contractors: They get it right the first time.

For more information about the best HVAC systems available, contact W J Dornfield today.