Commercial HVAC System Design Tips

Commercial HVAC System Design Tips

Our humid summers and frosty winters make having effective HVAC systems in Connecticut integral to business owners year-round. Employees, customers or anyone entering the commercial location should be comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Below are some tips for building a good commercial HVAC system for your business in Connecticut.

Central Air

Having central air conditioning or heating with your commercial HVAC system is a great benefit, and the rest of the HVAC system should be built around this principle. Individual units in each room or commercial space can use a lot less electricity because unused spaces can be set low or off. When designing your commercial HVAC system, keep central air in mind.


Whether it’s a central air system, boiler, furnace or chiller, make sure that the appliance is a high-efficiency system and, ideally, Energy Star rated. These use so much less electricity and will save you a tremendous amount of money over the years that your commercial location will be in operation.

Commercial HVAC System and Building Construction

Believe it or not, the way in which your building is constructed will truly affect the way you set up your commercial HVAC system. Are the windows thick panes of glass that will keep too much hot or cold air from transferring through them? Is it old construction without much insulation? This will all come into play when you are determining the ventilation that will be needed throughout the building itself. So talk to W J Dornfeld, your commercial HVAC system contractor, about the building and matching the best possible HVAC system to it.

Smart Thermostats

Not only should thermostats be able to detect if a room is too hot or too cool and shut off automatically, but also a thermostat should be able to be controlled from a remote location, if necessary. Numerous brands of thermostats made these days, like Nest, can be controlled with smartphones, allowing business owners to control their commercial HVAC systems from the comfort of their own homes.

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